What will you ask your ancestors?

Ask the Ancestors makes family history research a lot easier and lets you reconnect with missing branches of your family tree and kith and kin around the world by allowing you to search our world wide and growing library of family trees to find your ancestors.

Features include: a community forum where you can post a “looking for” message and receive email alerts for names you are researching.

All for an amazing low subscription of 

£24.99 yearly or £2.99 pcm 

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A free social network dedicated to your

surname and for researching your family history.

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Our free family tree builder allows everybody the power to create their family tree.

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Only available to persons aged 16 or over

What they say ...

  • D. W. Texas. USA

    At last, a genealogy web site that offers real benefits and does not cost an arm and a leg.

    D. W. Texas. USA

    S.N.R. UK

    What a great site. I have just uploaded the tree for my Sellers family from Derbyshire to try to make contact with family that I believe went to the USA. I am really excited at the possibility of finding new members of my family.

    S.N.R. UK